4 Things You Should Do Before Hiring a Web Designer

To hire a designer who can create a site that will reflect what you have envisioned for your business and give customers a sense of intimacy with it from the first click, there are several things worth considering: how much control do you want? Will this be more cost-effective than hiring multiple designers? What kind of vibe does this project need? These are questions only YOU can answer so take time out and figure them out!

Here are four things you need to do before you hire a website designer, right after this!

  1. Ask around! – Instead of that random Google search, it’s time to start using your professional network to find a web designer. Ideally, you want one that comes highly recommended from someone you know. There are millions of web designers worldwide and if you are the kind of person who wants to sit down with someone in-person rather than on Skype, your personal network might be able to help you find them!

My Tech Manager matches your website design project with the web designer who already has an established professional record.  No need to go asking the competition because we have done that for you and will create, host and rank a website for your business.

  • Know your website goals and priorities – Before casting a web designer, ask yourself: will your website exist to provide information, or will it sell products and services? A web designer can help you answer questions like these ones, but they will most likely charge you for the conversation. Instead of hiring a web designer before deciding on what type of site you want, search online for websites that represent the kind of style you’re going for.

Our website design creative process will tailor make a website design for your business internal and external audience as well as your vendors.  My Tech Manager takes into account every audience that your website is designed to appeal to.

  • Make a design wish list – Do you need a designer to build a website from scratch, or do you have a site already that needs updating? If you don’t have one yet, our team of experts will help walk through the process and provide guidance on the best next steps. If you’re just looking for an update to your current site, we can offer guidance there too!

Dreaming about building a website and have a list of I want that is a healthy part of the design and creative website birthing process.  With years of website design and development expertise, My Tech Manager is not only your designer but your vision advisor as well.

  • Budget – Building a website can be like building your dream home. It always costs more than you anticipate and the going rate for web design work is different in every area, so do your research first! Tony wrote this blog post about how important it is to know what your budget is before you contact a designer: Seriously, We Need to Know Your Budget.

A budget can incorporate all your wish list or keep it small.  My Tech Manager will use its expertise to help realize your website design vision to match the budgeted cost you have in mine.  If a project justifies a big budget, we will justify to you the why.

One of the best ways to give a website some oomph is by launching it with an event. Whether you’re celebrating your site’s completion or taking the opportunity to add some hype for your brand, planning an event can be a great way to make people remember you online and offline.

One of the most effective ways to get customers excited about your new website is by creating an event around its launch. You could celebrate its completion or use it as an opportunity to create some buzz about your brand, but either way planning something fun will help spread word-of-mouth marketing offline and online! You are only a few steps away from getting what you need to succeed on the web. You just must consider these 4 points and hire a web designer to get you started!

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